Success Story: The Agency WA

Success Story: The Agency WA


The Agency is an up-and-coming real estate agency who originally engaged Choose Digital in May 2020 to help them drive highly qualified and geo-targeted sales leads for their residential and commercial properties in Western Australia.

It started as a small-budget limited-scope Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) project for WA only, as a way for Choose Digital to prove ourselves. Due to the immense success of this pilot project, the engagement has expanded in scope to include similar SEO strategy for other states they operate in, as well as content creation for their new website.


We suggested an SEO approach to ensure maximum online visibility for their local sales agents and property listings, while increasing engagements such as views of property photos, videos and floor plans; agent and office contacts; and interest registrations and applications. We pay particular focus on localised SEO and Google My Business (GMB) setup and optimisation. .

Here are the specific tasks we employ to increase visibility and drive high-quality sales leads:

  • Keyword Research to identify high-value and high-converting keywords relevant to the business.
  • OnPage Optimisation to improve existing tags (titles, meta descriptions and H1s) to improve the organic visibility.
  • SEO Audit following web development changes to identify any SEO issues that may be impacting website performance, like duplicate content, indexation and broken links; along with consulting on ongoing Google algorithm updates.
  • GMB Optimisation by setting up new brand listings, and providing recommendations on existing GMB listings to improve the local search engine rankings in Google Maps.
  • Local Citation Building a link-building practice to gain backlinks from local citation directories to improve the website’s domain authority and keyword rankings.
  • Technical SEO Performance to identify any mobile-usability and crawl errors.
  • Blogger Outreach on various high-value and authoritative blog publishing websites to improve the domain authority and link profile.
  • Internal Linking Optimisation to increase the link value and keyword visibility.


The Agency’s commitment to expand the scope of this project after the pilot stage, and to continue to retain CHOOSE Digital as their dedicated SEO agency, underscores The Agency’s trust in us to deliver results year after year.

Here are some recent results from our SEO activity, comparing the Q1 2022 vs. Q4 2021:

SEO Results

+ 1 %
Increase in search terms appearing in the top 3 Google Results
+ 1 %
Increase in search terms appearing in the top 4-10 results
+ 1 %
Increase in search terms appearing in the top 11-20 results
+ 1 %
Increase in goal completion

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