Success Story: Fraser Properties WA

Success Story: Frasers Property WA


For the past 5+ years until very recently, the Perth property market had been in decline, creating a tough selling environment for Real Estate firms. Choose Digital has been working side-by-side with Frasers Property throughout this period, helping them drive traffic to their web pages dedicated to their development projects, and to ultimately drive highly qualified and geo-targeted sales leads.


Because of the challenging market environment and fierce competitive landscape, we determined that the best way to achieve maximum visibility was to combine (SEM) and search engine optimisation (SEO).

Our most recent SEM campaigns have focused on promoting individual property developments including the Port Coogee, Frasers Landing, Frasers Queens Riverside, Baldivis Grove, Baldivis Parks and East Green developments.


The keyword targeting is varied based on the location and the type of property, since these are the major factors that determine the target market. 

For example, premium priced coastal properties attract retirees and those with high incomes, whereas other areas are marketed towards lower and middle income with more affordable options in new or up and coming regions. Likewise, townhouses and apartment units attract different types of buyers. 

As a result, we have continually optimised the campaigns to drive ROI, by adjusting location-based keywords and adjusting bids for different locations.


For SEO, we deploy a number of strategies to improve organic search ranking for various types of content tied to each specific property development. 

  • Website. For the website, we use on-page optimisation strategies including improving title tags, meta descriptions and keywords, as well as off-page strategies including blogger outreach and link acquisition.
  • Google My Business. We conduct Google My Business (GMB) optimization through better use of keywords in the business description. 
  • Marketing Videos. We use link building to boost marketing videos related to the various property developments.


Fraser Property’s decision to partner with CHOOSE Digital on this multi-year campaign underscores the ability of CHOOSE Digital to achieve results year in and year out.

SEM Results

+ 1 %
+ 1 %
increase in traffic
+ 1 %
click through rate increase
- 1 %
decrease in cost per aquisition

SEO Results

+ 1 %
increase in conversions
+ 1 %
organic page views growth
+ 1 %
increase in new users

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