Bruny Island Cheese Co.

Success Story: Bruny Island Cheese Co.


Every Christmas season, Bruny Island Cheese creates a limited run of Christmas hampers, which they sell through a variety of channels and sell for between $85-$250. For the past 3 years, Choose Digital has been the Paid Media Advertising agency of choice for this campaign, with the objective of driving sales and maximizing return on advertising spend.

Challenges include having a short window of time in which to promote the products (17 days in 2020), popular products not available for re-stock and (selling out quickly) and lack of free shipping.


We took a three-pronged approach to the campaign:

  • Retargeting customers from a database of customer contacts provided by the client.
  • Targeting lookalike audiences with interests and demographics similar to the customers in the original database.
  • Prospecting new audiences based on customers’ interests, in line with what was in the hamper (wine, cheese, craft beer, etc.)


Results far exceeded anyone’s expectations. Here are some of the highlights from the 2020 campaign:

  • 984 hampers sold (+38% above target)
  • $167k in revenue (+122% above target)
  • $169 average order value (+61% above target)
  • 16.6x return on advertising spend (+121% above target)

SEM Results

984 hampers sold

+ 1 %
above target

$167k revenue

+ 1 %
above target

$169 average

order value

+ 1 %
above target

return on

advertising spend

1 x
+121% above target

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