Success Story: Betta Home Living


The BSR Group is a franchisor operating in the electrical retail industry throughout Australia. The key focus of the Group is providing marketing and sales support to franchisees to enable them to succeed in a market that has progressively become more competitive.


  1. Drive foot traffic to 200+ regional and metro bricks-and-mortar stores
  2. Increase online traffic
  3. Increase online sales
  4. Maximise ROI


  • Full service work since 2011 through to 2019
  • 9+ digital marketing channels
  • SEO (local, technical, on-page, off-page), paid search, video, display, retargeting, analytics, social media marketing, CRO (Conversatio Rate Optimisation) and content amplification


  1. Agnostically managed all performance media and planned the non-linear paths to purchase
  2. Created shopping campaigns, but focused on limited categories to maximise results and penetration
  3. Leveraged content to generate visibility for the site
  4. Balanced paid search match types
  5. Utilised 2nd tier search engines to help fuel traffic growth
  6. Geo-targeted campaigns to drive foot traffic to local stores


  1. Engaged social media audience of 72,000+
  2. Increase transactions by 187% YOY
  3. 4,000+ keywords on 1st page of Google
  4. Increased average order value by 92% YOY
  5. Decreased cost-per-click by 62% YOY

SEM Results

- 1 %
decrease in cost per click
+ 1 %
increase in transactions YOY
1 +
keywords on 1st page of google

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